Debugging when archiving problems

hello, i have pac control 10.4. i go to pac terminal, i upload a strategy as a zip onto a folder, i extract it, i open it and go to debug and it asks me to download, why is that? todays date is 5/19/22 which is the same as the controller but the archive file in the controller is 5/9/22 bc thats when we did a download also the project has it so it archives when you do a download, so why is it asking me to download when i just pulled the project from the controller? i dont want to download i just want to go online. why is this happening? any help is appreciated thank you!!

Hi Elie, Welcome to the forums.

I’m just a bit busy at the sec… I removed your post from the 2013 thread, its a bit old to be helpful.
Myself or some of the other folk here will be right with you as soon as we can.

I like using PAC Terminal to get the strategy…


Right click and then upload the strategy and save it somewhere you remember.

Unzip it.

Open it in PAC Control.
Next, hit the compile all.

Then you should be able to go into debug.

Just to be sure, shows what your File / Strategy Option dialog looks like for the Archive and Download tabs.

So I did everything you did above except do compile all, what happens if you don’t compile? It’ll say the two projects are different and therefore you need to download?

That’s correct. Yes.

what does compile do exactly and why does it need to be compiled?

Compile builds (complies) the Forth code.
It needs to be complied after its unzipped so the project is complete.

Did you try it?
Did it work?

ill try it on monday and let you know. so even tho project is open and i can access and see everything i still need to compile all changes in order to get into debug otherwise it asks me download, that kinda makes sense.