Dear Santa, SoftPAC for Linux install would be nice?

I was just staring into my warm cup of cocoa thinking that a Linux install of SoftPAC would be sweet. Then I could drop it on a industrial fanless pc for way more processing power than an S1 with no Windows. Isn’t that basically what hiding inside a Groov anyway?

It was just a random thought.


The elves are on it.

Stay on the Nice list!

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I’ve actually been wishing for Pac Display runtime for Linux. I like the Raspberry Pi to Snap I/O adaptor card. Dreaming of the possibilities.

Pac Display on Linux… ahhh… Keep dreaming on that one.
(We just got out of the ‘studio’ shooing our intro video to the Pi Carrier Board - Pretty excited about it).

Just doing a brief browse, the Pi carrier is only capable of reading digital I/O, not analog?

At the moment yes… What would you be looking for in the analog signal world?

Standard 4-20 mA I/O. Perhaps ICTD. I don’t have anything specific in mind. Yet. Just exploring.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. We don’t take any of the SPI or I2C bus, so you can use that to add some analog I/O.

Any ETA for SoftPAC on Linux? Are the elves still working on it?

Or did all us developers end up on Santa’s naughty list again?

Both the AR1 and PR1 both run Linux.
The EPIC PR1 is the way to run SoftPAC on Linux.
(If you need it on the AR1 PM me.)

Actually, I was looking for a version we could run on Fedora. But now that I think about it, that would require that you open-source your software, so that is probably out.

Ah. Interesting.
Thanks for getting back to us about what you were looking for specifically.