Daylight Savings in Groov View Trend [Solved]

Hello, I have a trend graph in Groov View. I am wondering how I can get the DST to reflect on the graph as well. My Groov device (Epic) recognizes the time change in the Settings in Groov Manage(as in it is showing the correct time). Currently, it is showing 9:53 AM for current time, when it is actually 10:53 AM.
I have already tried:
-Refreshing the page
-Making a small edit and then saving Groov View
-Saving the timezone/NTP/DNS again. (Did not change as it is already the correct settings)

On System Version 2.0.2-b.139

If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

On that system version, you’ll probably need to restart the EPIC entirely to get groov View to notice time zone changes. Newer versions handle it automatically, but I think that one’s too old for it.