Data Store Device Type

I see that there is a Data Store device type in Groov but I don’t see it documented anywhere. I’m able to create a table but how do I assign assign values to it?



Here is where you find it in Groov:

After a little research I see that you can create one in Node-Red but I was hoping for something a little easier.

Hi born2see,
You can also build a page with gadgets (e.g. Text Boxes) which connect to elements in your table. They switch to groov View and type in the values you want. They’ll stay there until something overwrites them (like Node-RED code, or another change via a gadget on a groov page).
Is that what you’re asking?

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Yes. The name, Data Store, implies some sort of structure that houses data items. Sort of like a permanent table, so that’s what I was thinking it was. However, your suggestion works great.


@born2see You will find the documentation for the data store on page 54 of doc #2027, groov Build and View Users Guide.

The quickest way to get to any groov docs is via groov Build. Just click on ‘Help’ in the menu, all the docs are right there.

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