Data over certain time table function?

Is there an optoscript function to save data in a table for x seconds and then recall that data for a particular time ago? I know that I can do this manually, but if there exists such an animal it would save me lots of time. :slight_smile:

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Not that I know of.

(Don’t forget to keep the PAC Control Command Help doc open when you doing this sort of thing).

Hi Adam,

How much data do you need to save, and how often?

You could use PAC Display to log all kinds of data. But, depending on how much data you’re storing how often, it might make sense to store ALL the data in one table.

For example, let’s say you only need to store the last hour’s worth of data locally on the PAC (vs. whatever you might log in PAC Display). You could decide the location/index of a certain piece of info based on some formula, like:

Index = Seconds * MAX_DATA_TO_STORE.

E.g., if you have 10 values which get stored, you could set MAX_DATA_TO_STORE = 10.

Then every second, you’d store those 10 values. So if the current second is 10, your values will be in 10…19 for that reading.

Are you thinking of using a method like that? Just curious!