Data Logging


First, does anyone know if it is possible to write data log .txt files directly to a company network share from a SNAP PAC R1? If it is, how would you deal with login and password requirements on secure networks? I am trying to avoid FTP transfers.



Hi Adam,

Welcome to the forums. Could you use SoftPAC instead of or in addition to your SNAP PAC R1? Then it’s super easy. The PC will be logged onto the network, and your file comm handle will just need to include the path you want to write to.

Otherwise, what is it about FTP transfers you wish to avoid? What’s you’re “bigger picture” so we can perhaps come up with other options here? Have you thought of using OptoDataLink or PAC Display for your logging, for example?


Hi OptoMary,

Thanks for the reply. I am currently using the FTP transfer and it is working fine, but IT does not like it because it isn’t secure (SFTP), so I am exploring other options. I have multiple pieces of equipment in different facility locations running on R1 controllers and I am also trying to avoid having a PC on each one. I have looked at the Optodatalink option to transfer the data to a SQL database, which looks like a pretty good solution, but that database will have to be set up too and may take some time. It would be nice if I could write directly to a network share. Is that possible? Does it help if there is a network location that does not require a username and password?

Actually, OptoDataLink can write to a txt file, as an option. No SQL needed. See screen shot below. Only SoftPAC can write directly to a network drive (not your R1). But SoftPAC can get data off of multiple R1s, assuming the PC it runs on can access all those R1s. Are they all on the same network?

Okay, that might work…a few more questions for you OptoMary. Can you pull data from the microSD card using OptoDataLink? Can the R1 initiate the transfer or does it always depend on the scan interval from OptoDataLink? Can OptoDataLink dynamically create the folder structure if you want data logs in a new file each day? Are there any other benefits to using SoftPAC instead of OptoDataLink?

OptoDataLink connects your controller data to files it’s PC can access. But OptoDataLink cannot access files on your controller. Here’s a link to a video about OptoDataLink.

You might also consider using PAC Display’s logging features, see form 1702 (PAC Display User’s Guide).

Personally, especially since you mention you’re already using FTP (I’m assuming ftp comm handles), I think you’d find writing a strategy to use a file comm handle would be easy. In fact, if you don’t have PAC Project Pro/SoftPAC already, you could try this out with PAC Sim since PAC Sim has supported file comm handles for years. That way you’d have complete control over exactly what/when/where you write to your files. You could include each of your R1s as I/O Units in the strategy that runs on this SoftPAC controller/PC to easily access I/O on those controllers or their memory maps.

Also remember that our product support is FREE! and they may have some ideas and thoughts for you I might’ve missed here.

Hope that helps!