Cycling Power to Groov Epic Losses Strategy?

Just purchased a Groov Epic training unit. After setting it up, I loaded a small strategy so I could test communications to Ignition 8.0.10. After cycling power on the Epic, the strategy was gone, and Groov Manage reports that the memory has been cleared. My question is: Is there a way to prevent strategy loss after a power cycle?


From PAC Control, click on File, then Strategy Options.

When that dialog opens, click on the last check box. (This is optional, but its really handy to have a zip file of the strategy on the controller)

Then click on the download tab and check the top option and others as you see fit. (This check box is the key - the most important option to check).
The second check box here is very helpful as it means that the strategy will auto run when the controller powers up.

If you have any other questions, just ask.
Glad to hear you getting up and running.

Dont forget our training site;

Thanks Beno! That’s perfect. I will give it a shot. Also thanks for the link to online training!