Cycle count and hours of operation

I want to share my flow using a Rio to capture the data of cycle counts and hours of operation of a screen printing machine roll to roll, the data is send to a MSSQL of the company, I learned a lot doing this project, the cycles counts occurs every 3 seconds in the machine at this point I asked myself what can I do to avoid sending this data to the MSSQL every 3 seconds, so investigating further I learned more about the context data and with the cron plus node ( incredible node) I was able to store in the context flow and used the cron plus to move it every 30 minutes to the MSSQL. Also I reset the counter and the hourglass node in the shift change. I feel very happy to achieve this since I am newby in node red but with the intention to learned more.
Cheers from Honduras Central America


Wow! Thanks for the share and awsome flow!

This is exactly what Node-RED is great at. Mashing together some really diverse data points and getting just the exact data you want at the place you want when you want.

I have used all those nodes except the con-plus node. Will have to check that one out. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks Beno I feel very happy because have been a long journey now I am happy to share it

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