Cumulocity IoT - MQTT interface using Node-RED

I have a project where the customer is looking for GroovRIO to publish data to Cumulocity IoT platform. Cumulocity is supporting MQTT, however it didn’t work for me when I tried to establish a connection using Node-RED via MQTT_OUT node. There are some Cumulocity specific nodes as well, but those are even more complex to me. I’m really interested to know if someone in this forum has experience with Cumulocity platform interface using Node-RED. Your experience exchange will help me to move forward with my project.

Hi Vigil, I don’t have experience with Cumulicity, but have you considered using the RIO’s native MQTT client instead of from Node-Red?

Hi Dan, Thanks, I have tried RIO’s native MQTT client as well, but still not getting connected.

I like MQTT since its so clean, quick and simple.
It’s a shame that Cumulocity make their free trial so hard to sign up for. I’d love to test native MQTT and the Node-RED nodes that are in the library for it and try and get it working.
If you get it sorted or have some specific screenshots or error codes, lets know and we can try and help as best we can without having anything to test against.

It took me too long to find their documentation as well, so I gave up. A+ for marketing though!