Crypto support in CODESYS

Good morning

I’m trying to use the CmpCrypto library in a project and at the download stage the process fails with link errors.


If I’m interpreting the Google results properly, this is indicative of the Codesys runtime on the device not supporting the feature. Is that accurate?

You (and Google) are correct.
We do not support this feature on EPIC at this time.

Are there plans for support to be added and if so is there a target date?

As far as I can tell (looking at ‘request tickets’), no one has asked for it, so its not slated for any software developers attention/time.

If you want, we can put a ticket in now, but will need a little more information from you about what versions are you are running and what the use case is.

Unless you can implement, test, and release a modified runtime in the next few days it will be of no immediate use to me :slight_smile:.

But my in my unsolicited opinion, lack of encrypted comms runs counter to the marketing copy for EPIC.