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Creating Variables Is Tedious Work

Most of the stategies I create tend to have 300+ points and 1000+ varaiables…So adding variables is a very important function for me.

Since Optoscript does not automatically create variables, each one has to be entered individually by clicking on the variable folder…selecting add…enter the variable name…define its’ type and select ok.

When you have the opto script block open, you cannot click on the variable folder to add a variable. You first have to close the optoscript block and then go throught the steps of adding the variable. There are times I may have 150 new variables in an optoscript block that are not deifned. For each one of these I have to go through the steps listed above.

Doesn’t is make since to be able to leave the script block open so you can copy and paste the new variables into the add new variable proceedure?

Better yet a huge improvement would be the ability to: 1. highlight a variable in optoscript, 2. right click, 3. select a pop up option to add as a variable (or numeric variable, or string variable , etc.).

I really like the products you are producing. Keep up the good work

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Re: Creating Variables Is Tedious Work

These are great suggestions. I will make sure they are passed on the correct people.