Create / Update certificates when IP changes

Just a note for anyone who might come across this issue. After the initial EPIC-PR1 setup, it will create security certificates. If you are using them with one or more PR1 and I assume Groov-AR1, you will need to re-create your security certificates if using Node-Red Pac nodes.

I was confused at the start, as things were working on the test bench. Once I changed to my production IP address things stopped working, and an error would come up in the Node-Red flow. "**IP Address(192.168.1.x) is not in the Certificate list)

In Summary -
Once IP is changed.
Logon to Groov-Epic-PR1 with changed IP

  1. Goto Security, Server SSL, click “Create Certificate”
  2. Enter the perntiant details
  3. Download Public Certificate

Goto any other Groov-Epic or related device
1)Goto Security, Server SSL,Client SSL, Click Add/Update and select the newest certificate
2) Make sure the name is the same as your previous config
3) Keep on developing!


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