Counter reading frequency instead

I have configured a channel on SNAP-IDC5-FAST as a counter for 5V pulses. Initially it was working fine. I am reading this value on scada through OPC. Initially all was working good.
i tried reading the frequency as well and even the counter seems to be reading the frequency. I deleted the frequency connection on the opc-scada connection still the counter wont count beyond 2 (which seems like frequency as per my application) and when i turn my application off (no pulses) the counter value goes to 0 which makes me think tha it is still reading frequency instead of count.

Note: all this while, my channel has been configured as counter and not frequency. Kindly help

Hi there. Welcome to the Opto forums.

Is this on a PAC R1 or a PAC S talking to an EB1 or R1 as I/O?
Reason I ask is if there might be more than one controller or strategy in the mix?
That as well as knowing if its an R1 or EB1 as only those two parts do counting.
In other words, I wonder if we are tracking down a strategy issue or a brain issue.

That’s my first thought.
Second thought is check what its configured as in PAC Manager.
PAC Man goes right to the source so to speak and will show exactly how the point is configured and what the attributes of the point are.

Thank you for replying Beno!

I have 3 racks… two EB1 and one with R1 (Control engine).
My idc5-fast module is sitting on the R1 controller rack.

Checked in PAC-manager, the channel is configured as a counter.