Couldn't write data from Opto22 into csv file by using visual basic6.0 as middle man

Hi, the project I’m handling is an old project, which use visual basic 6.0 to write the value from Opto Display into CSV File. When I try to save the data into CSV file an error message pop out says “Time out! No Response.”. Did anyone know why and its solution?

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What commands (button clicks) do you use to save the CSV from PAC Display?
Do you use the historical data log?
How large are the CSV files? (In kbytes)

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

This is the commands of the button.

I didn’t use historical data log.

The file size is around 2KB-3KB (based on the CSV file done by others before)

This is the command in VB6.0 to retrieve data from PAC. I think this is the problem ( I had tried many times on this to retrieve data but still didn’t success. Can you help me to take a look on this?)

This is the data I tried to retrieve in PAC Control.