Copying pages from one groov project to another

Is there any way of copying web pages developed in one groov project to another groov project. I have some complex groov pages developed as part of one project which need to be added to an another developed project which already has its other developed pages which must be kept. I can’t see any way of doing this, but thinking outside the (groov)Box maybe there is some way to do this.

This has been on the ‘feature request list’ for a while…

Question. What takes the longest in your page case, the building of the page, or the connecting of gadgets to tags?
In other words, what are you looking for, a way to import the graphics, or a total graphic import and tag connection?
(What if the controller is different? How can we know what tags to connect to?).

I would say that the tag connection is probably the longest, but any tools at all to avoid starting from zero every time would be appreciated. Obviously if you can’t import or copy the graphic objects then the tag connection becomes pretty irrelevant.

PAC Display allows you to import symbols and does a pretty good job of it. I think requiring the user to have the same named tags already configured in his new project or idb.txt file is not asking to much of the person who wants to copy projects, but flagging up unknown controllers or tags would be reasonable. I appreciate that its a lot of work though and can get complicated. Maybe just the object importing without the tags would be a start.

Lowering my sights, there is actually something even more basic missing that one of those clever little programmers could include before his/her coffee break.

The image library currently has the ability to upload and delete graphics files in the onboard Groov library. However its quite common to be working from different client computers and forget the original graphic files location, (or even if you even saved it!) Any chance of adding a “download” button to save the file from the groovBox back into a PC. This at least allows images to be reused in different projects, which is a problem I have had several times.

Of course you could just say that I should be organised and remember where I left things!