Convert PAC Display Pro Project from 9.0 to 9.6

We are trying to setup an interim project using PAC Display Pro vR9.6f from Pro vR9.0. We are developing an EPIC system and want to work out ‘new’ features using our existing Opto22 PAC R2 system. We need to convert temporarily for troubleshooting and the fact that we are out of Win7 touchscreen monitors, we only have a Win10 touchscreen monitor. I receive an “APPCRASH” event upon trying to open an old project or even when trying to open the ‘Help’. It just says “PAC Display Configurator Professional.Version: R9.6f has Stopped Working”. I have details of the “APPCRASH” if needed. Maybe just some basic tips on converting a Display project from R9.0 to R9.6 will suffice. Or do I need to convert at all, the R9.0 Display screens read in I/O from the running Pro Control R9.6.


Dave, sounds like an issue for our support team;

Thanks, I will forward it to them