Controller blocked

Controller: SNAP-PAC-S1
Firmware: R9.4a
Loader: R3.1c

Software: PAC Project R9.4007
PAC Control Professional: R9.4d
Build Date: Mar 31 2015

No communication with controller (no ip ping, no display runtime, no PAC Manager, no PAC Terminal), controller is blocked

After it doing manually turn off and manually turn on the controller has these errors:

-539 Info I/O error; performing retry.
-25 Error Port or object is not locked.
-534 Info Attempt(s) to communicate with I/O Unit failed.

And this code is repeated many times until the controller starts to work well:

-4 Info Device has powered up. (‘Powerup clear expected’ message

Currently the controller works properly.
But why could it happen? I’m confused, I do not understand why?
I appreciate your help.


Two things.

  1. email they are a lot better set up to help you.
  2. Sounds like you have some comm handles in your chart(s) that are not being handled correctly. Or, you have something on the network that is trying to talk (aggressively?) to the IP address of the controller.
    In other words, sounds like the controller TCP/IP stack is overloaded at times… Either inbound (from another device), or outbound (from the strategy).


I get -539 error message about remote PAC-R1 (Which is Off).
My code only use “Is I/O Unit Ready”. If false, it loop back and does nothing.

Is this -539 error normal? - it is annoying since the system work as expected.

Thank you.