Control engine name does not exist in the controller names repository

Greetings and Happy Friday. I have been running PAC Control Basic on a Windows PC for ~5 years but it came time to move everything to a new PC, which I have diligently done. I installed PAC Control Basic v10.5c and attempted to run a program that ran fine on the old PC. The error I get is shown below and is one which I have not seen before. Can someone share some troubleshooting steps which I can take?

Im sure you did a form search for ‘-8626’ and found all those old solutions… so sort of skipping over them…

How did you migrate to the new PC?
I wonder if the controller config got moved from an old PC to the new vs just making the controller config new?

What does PAC Terminal show?
Can you delete it in PAC Term and recreate it there?
I like PAC Term as its the single source of truth for controller configuration. If it works there, it will work for both PAC Control and PAC Display (in fact, every PAC… software).

I am embarassed to say I don’t think I have ever used PAC Terminal, but here is what it says on the new PC:

I will look at the old PC (which is still alive and running) and compare…

My beloved PAC Term never gets enough love!!
I’m constantly gushing about it at each and every training class… but I digress…

That’s your error right there. The controller is simply not configured.
It got imported with the strategy, but it was never added to the new PC.
Once you get its hostname, or more likely its IP configured in PAC Term you will be up and running.


Yep, it’s all set now. Your beloved PAC Term is now pinned…