Contolling a Honeywell 7800 Burner Control

I am looking to use PAC control and the Modbus Integration Kit to control a Honeywell burner using the 7800 series burner controller. Has anyone interacted with this controller before? I am new to Modbus and am reviewing the data sheet and it does not appear they provide the ability to start the burner over modbus.

Local laws may apply (I-am-not-a-lawyer).
I know in Australia remote control lighting/starting of burners was a big no-no when I was last there automating stuff.
I have not needed to look it up in California, but I understand some states in the states are Ok with it.
Will check out the doc in a bit. Thanks for posting the link.

Yeah, that’s a pretty dense read.

I found this thread helpful.

Thanks Ben, I read through both the s7800m manual and the s7800a. Not sure but in the s7800a manual in table 17 there is reference to a read/write would this indicate Turing it on?

Only one bit in the LSByte must be set, with the exception of bit 15: Bit 0 =Revert to autonomous operation.
Bit 1 = Don’t fire, remain off.
Bit 2 = Go to Hi Fire during Run.
Bit 3 = Go to Lo Fire during Run.
Bit 4 = Remote reset.a
Bits 5-7 must be 0.
Bits 8-14 are ignored.
Bit 15: Copied to the control status register. The remote control status register can be used to verify operation of the command.
Bits 1-3 must be refreshed at least every 120 seconds, but not more than once a second, for the burner control to remain in the commanded state.