Consult two PAC R1 questions

My client asked me two questions that I never noticed. Here, I would like to consult you.

  1. What is the meaning of the red circle in the picture? Is it normal?

  1. Where can I see how much of the memory of the R1 controller will be occupied by the control strategy developed by PAC Control? To predict the memory usage of R1, it is not after the control strategy is downloaded to the R1 controller that you can see from the following figure.
  1. Page 150 of the PAC Control users guide.

    As well as that document, we have a PAC Control command for this very purpose.
    Page 137 of the PAC Control Command Reference;

So that doc + this command + a little math = free space.

Be aware that there are separate memory areas for volatile and non-volatile (battery backed) storage. I’ve had a strategy where it would not download because there was not enough volatile RAM available. Moving some tables to non-volatile storage (by setting them persistent or initialize on download) allowed the strategy to download.

Thank you! This is also a good solution. However, it is easy to decide which controller to choose by knowing the required storage space in advance.