Connecting Groov EPIC PR1 to Pressure Process Control System

Hello! im currently a process automation university student. Im doing my capstone project for my final year.

Im trying to connect the groov epic PR1 to one of my university trainers AMATROL T555 Pressure Process Control System, inside the trainer is a Siemens S7-1200 connected with an unmanaged switch SCALANCE XB00 series. The goal is to connect the groov EPIC PR1 to the trainer and get the PLC tags and create a HMI to the cloud in order to be controlled remotely.

I already did a couple of Groov Trainings and I know that I have to get the S7-1200 PLC IP address to get the tags and create a cloud-based HMI and remotely control the trainer.

I would really appreciate any form of advice from you guys!

Thank you!

Ryan Vladimir Alcantara,

Hi Ryan. Are you planning to use Ignition Edge to get the Siemens S7-1200 tags? This video shows how it’s done using Ignition Edge v7. We are up to v8 now, but this should be helpful -

Once you get those tags into the Ignition Edge OPC UA server, it should be fairly easy to create groov View HMI screens on your EPIC. Watch that video top to bottom and let me know if that’s the idea of what you are trying to do.

Hey Dan! thank you for replying to this forum page.
I will now try the video that you shared!

Yes, I will be trying igniton edge to get the tags in the Siemens PLC. However, the S7-1200 PLC is connected to an unmanaged switch wherein the local HMI and other components are connected.

Do you have any suggestion how I could try to get the IP or hostname of the Siemens PLC that is connected from the switch?


On the PC that is connected to the switch, (Or hook up a laptop for a quick moment), install and run Angry IP Scanner. It will quickly scan the subnet and find the Siemens IP (host names wont work on that PLC, so dont even bother trying).

Once you have that, use the video Dan showed and the tail end of this super old video to show how to connect to groov View.

@Beno Hey Ben, I already tried the steps that I have watched from your videos. I also have done creating an ignition edge server and made sure to expose the tags and allow anonymous access and made sure that the siemens plc controller is connected as an added device in ignition edge. After that, I tried going to the groov view to create an HMI and see the tags in the device palette tab. It did show the PLC device which is named (PLC trainer) but it is not showing the tags. It is only showing the diagnostics tab.

Have you tested the tags in the Ignition OPCUA tag browser?
Its worth checking them there first, before jumping too far ahead and into groov View.
If only the diagnostic tags are there, then you know the problem is in the Ignition connection to the PC, that needs to be fixed first.

I tried going to the OPC quick client and under devices from the OPC UA Edge Server, the my plc is only showing diagnostics tab.

Ok. You have now narrowed the issue down to be between the PLC and Ignition.
I think the best thing to do now would be to hit up the Ignition forums and get some help from them since its a 100% Ignition issue at this point.

If you do a search, there might be some answers or things you can test with the Siemens before you post for help.

Hey Ben thanks for the reply!

I tried researching more about siemens tags and I realized that I cannot easily view the tags from ignition. I have to manually insert the tags in ignition or kepex similar to what you did in the video.
I watched once again the video that you have shared titled “groov your siemens” I am currently trying this procedure; however, I am not sure on the part where you inserted your Server URL when you are adding an OPC UA server from Kepex Server to the Groov View.

Is it possible that you can elaborate more on this?



Once you get actual Siemens PLC tags showing in Ignition, the server/groov View bit will be pretty easy.
My point here is, your not using Kepex, so the video was just a big overview with the important bit being first get the Siemens tags in Ignition.
Till thats working, the rest is a moot point.

Following up on this…

I have a number of tags configured within Ignition Edge v8 from an Allen Bradley PLC. Everything seems to be working fine within Ignition. I’m trying to get those tags into Groov View, and I’m struggling. I watched the video from @Dan_Opto, and followed the link posted in the comments there for connecting to Ignition v8, but I can’t get a connection. In Groov View, I set my server URL to localhost:62541 and I set the message security to Sign using the policy Basic256Sha256 because that matches the configuration in Ignition under OPC-UA Server Settings. After doing those things, when I try to expand the static tags folder in the tag browser, I get a message saying “OPC-UA service error.” every time. What am I missing?

I’ve still been using Ign 7 for a few tests and for sure never used the new security in groov View.
So setting it to none has got me going quick.

@greichert has helped a bunch of people get groov View talking to Ignition 8, so I bet he has some screenshots or cheat sheet…

@Beno: I tried None and Basic256Sha256 and neither option got me working. Hopefully @greichert can come through with what I’m missing.

These are the three critical settings.
Note you must have None in front and it must be an uppercase N.

Once you set these up, you MUST go to the modules and restart the OPCUA module to make the changes apply (they are only read on the OPCUA module start up).

Then in groov View, these are the settings…

The critical piece is the restarting of the OPC-UA Module after making any changes to the server settings.

@Beno: This took care of it. Thank you. I’d have never thought to add the None in front of the Basic256Sha256 in the Ignition config.

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