Connecting a Local Network for Email Service Via Groov View


Quick overview of the network set up. I have multiple PR1’s connected to a master PR1. All PR1s are connected back to a Ethernet switch. All PR1s are connected VIA ETH0. (ETH1 is free for use).

The problem: I want to send emails from a Groov View Event with minimal connectivity to the internet.

Question: How do I set up a firewall protected port and, potentially, use ETH1 on the master PR1 to send email notifications? If there is an alternative way to accomplish this, please let me know.



Since email is outbound, there is no need for a ‘firewall protected port’. There is no inbound traffic with email.
The firewall will allow outbound emails without risk to any of the PR1’s or other devices on the network.
Each PR1 simply needs the gateway IP/hostname and your done.

The PR1 cant be a gateway, so the ‘master’ aspect here does not help or is even possible.
Since all are connected to a switch, with the addition of the main gateway, you are done and ready to go.

Thanks for the reply Beno,

I used the word “Master” loosely. I am using the main PR1 to handle the control strategy while other PR1s are taking input and sending outputs.

When you say “main gateway” what do you mean? And what would the set up look like to send emails via Groov View?


Ah, so the groov View is only running on that one PR1?
I guess even if all the PR1s have groov View, you can still set the events from all the PR1s to fire on the main PR1 and that way you only need to setup the network gateway on the one PR1.

I mean the company gateway.
If you have a PC on the same network, you can see under its Network settings the IP address or hostname of the ‘gateway’ that all your Internet traffic is being routed through. That’s what you put into the PR1 to send emails. (If the PR1 - like your PC - is set for DHCP it will have already picked up that gateway address and will be ready to go. Use the network tools in groov Manage to ping something like as a test of the gatway).

The groov View manual covers it very well and it will vary based on your email provider.

Here are some guides that will help you.