Connect Opto22 to Ignition

Hi, I’m very new to Opto22 and trying to get some analog values to Ignition for trending purpose. I’ve looked around but can’t seem to figure out what I need. Basically, at this point all I have is Opto22 connected IP address and the tag names. How do I go about getting Ignition to get those tags ?


Hi S007,
Welcome to Opto22 & the OptoForums! Do you have a groov-AR1 box in the mix, too? What hardware, exactly, do you have?

I don’t think we have groov box. It’s SNAP-PAC-R2-W and EB2.

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Hi S007.
The Opto 22 SNAP PAC Driver Module for Ignition is a product from Cirrus Link Solutions, and the instructions to configure and use the driver are on the Cirrus Link website:

Also, I recommend you update the driver to version 3.3.2. It’s available from Inductive Automation’s website:

Best wishes,
Gray at Opto 22

Hi GrayChurch, looks like version 3.3.2 doesn’t work with earlier Ignition. My Ignition version is 7.8.4 and after I installed the module it says “Faulted Minimum Ignition Version Not Met”.

Oh boy. Let’s check with Cirrus Link to find out the minimum supported version of Ignition.
I’ll update this post when I know.

I’ve got an update from Cirrus Link: To use their Opto 22 driver, the minimum required version of Ignition is v7.9.4.
They’ve posted the supported versions on their website:
Be aware that in their chart, an X means Not Supported.

Update: Ended up updating Ignition to and it works.

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Excellent! Thanks for the update. BTW, how are you using Ignition + Opto 22? Got some screen shots of that “Trending” you mentioned? Have you used their reports at all? We’d love to hear as much as you can share!