Connect ethernet device to eth0

We have our Rio connected to our LAN via POE to the eth1 port on our Rio. It has a static IP address and works fine.

Nearby, we have a non-POE ethernet device (it’s a Yokogawa controller with ethernet, which also has a static IP address). I thought we could connect an ethernet cable from the eth0 port on our Rio to the Yokogawa and avoid running another ethernet cable or install a switch, but so far we cannot get it to work. I re-read the sections of the manual and when daisy chaining is discussed, it is in the context of daisy chaining multiple Rios.

Is it possible to connect another regular ethernet device to eth0 on the Rio?

What you are trying to do should work just fine, assuming that the static network settings are correct.

I have here a GRV-R7-MM1001-10 and it is powered over PoE on ETH1. It has a static IP address. On ETH0 I have my PC connected using a Static IP address. All works fine and my PC can even access the Internet via the switched Ethernet interfaces in the groov RIO.

Perhaps double check the network configuration at your Yokogawa device.

OK, great. That was the “I have it working, so it should work for you” statement that I was hoping to get. I will figure it out today.

Just wanted to confirm it does indeed work. I think we had a bad cable or something.

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