Connect CQM1H Omron PLC to groov EPIC


My project need to read temperature from CQM1H (Omron PLC) and visualize with groov View on EPIC.
As customer requested to log the data as excel as well.

I wondered how to communicate to CQM1H from EPIC via ETH0.

My choices on this project are NodeRed, PAC Control or Codesys and groov View

Please advise,

Thanks, Suchet

Have you considered using Ignition Edge? They have an Omron driver - Omron FINS Driver - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation. However, if you are sticking with Node-Red, PAC Control, Codesys, or groov View, you might look to see if that Omron device supports Modbus/TCP?

Thank you, Dan,

That would be a great idea to get started with Ignition.

Thanks, Suchet

I don’t know much (anything really) about Omron, but here are the Node-RED options:

I guess it comes down to how many tags etc you want to read/write as to what the most logical way to set this up would be.

Also welcome to the forums. Great to have you here.

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Thank you Ben for the options. Below photo is CQM1H Omron PLC that I need to work with.

My pleasure too to join discussion with you guys.

Does this device have an Ethernet port? I found an image online of something that looks similar

Hi Dan,

My previous reply was incorrect. I use my weekend to study more on Omron CQM1H. I will correct my design a bit. I think I will need the small device below to complete my project.

Thanks anyway, Suchet

Hi Ben,

Will those flows work with Opto22 - GRV-CSERI-4 - <em>groov </em>serial communication module, 4 channels, RS-232 or RS-485, channel-to-channel isolation.
I’m still looking for solution without protocol converter.

Thanks, Suchet

I would have to do a lot more reading about your Omron before I could answer that and I’m sorry, but I just don’t have the time to dig into that PLC protocol.
I was just pointing out all that Node-RED had to offer, not that any of them would ‘just work’ with your device.

I saw your protocol converter post show up and wondered about its cost and availability.
Modbus is a no-brainer for the output, but yeah, be nice if the hardware converter was not necessary.

I can take a quick google and try and find the manual for your Omron and see if anything jumps out at me, but as I said, Im sorry I just cant spend a ton of time looking into that specific model.

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@Suchet.b Just looking at it now, can you please answer @Dan_Opto question about if this unit has an Ethernet port?

Thank you @Beno ,

To answer @Dan_Opto question, kindly see picture below.

My real unit at the site.

Honestly (not really sure), I don’t think this unit got an Ethernet port but anyway today I’m on site so, I will double check again. Customer interest in to implement first 2 trial of EPICs (portable and one permanent install.

With a great advise from my Opto22’s friend in the past then I try to look back at a device from Welcome to and I think this is very useful for me for now or even as well as future integration.

Thanks (apologies for my broken English … :slight_smile: ) Suchet

Thanks for the extra information, unfortunately, it does not really help much.

So we know you do not have that option open to you.

We still don’t know if there is an Ethernet port under the cover above the RS-232 port shown in the photo.

I don’t think it matters as I did not see any mention to Ethernet in this manual:

Other than the ‘Serial Communications Board’ I don’t see any way for any application to really talk with this PLC other than the PC programming application.

I cant really help much further at this point.

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Thanks, can we do the same as USB on the computer? (extend port). I’m a very less knowledge on this side. … :slightly_smiling_face: or Maybe add a new serial board if needed.

By the way, Omron integrator already offers to this customer but seems we are being to win. :slightly_smiling_face:

The port that is there is an RS-232 port, so there is no option to use a hub or multi-drop it like USB.

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Hi, "@Beno and @Dan_Opto see below for update

" The Omron is discontinue for serial communication for this series.

Customer allowed to use mini peripheral port to talk to EPIC. Will use gateway from Weintek for this integration

so, we will skip Ignition and cseri-4. There is no FINS protocol in this series, just only host link protocol.

Thanks for all helps, Suchet