Configuration Error

We are having communication issues and are trying to track them down. (This has been happening for a while, but other system issues took priority since it is basically working.) However, we must now get reliability up…)

There are 2 identified symptoms:

  1. 30 to 40 times a day, reads from 32 bit input modules read all zeros for one or more reads, then return to normal values.

  2. We are getting 200 or so a day of the following error, but can find no Configuration Errors:

2018/06/12: 13:21:13:52: Server: =>Quality error for group OD_SuperTrend_Group_02 Item: [MMIO|ip|tcp:]eu[6] Reason: Configuration Error
2018/06/12: 13:22:10:60: Server: =>Quality error for group OD_SuperTrend_Group_00 Item: [MMIO|ip|tcp:]eu[6] Reason: Configuration Error

These are 2 examples. Always Group_00 or 02.

Value in eu[] is mostly 4, 5 or 6, but we also see 20, 23, 24, 33, 60, and 61.

How do we find the Configuration Error?


Please email support with this question.
They will issue you a tracking number so you can keep tabs on the progress of the issue.
They will work with you till its resolved.
support at opto 22 dot com.

I’ve had a similar issue in the past with 8 channel ICTD modules where they would lose there value and read back -32768.0 occasionally. The issue was that the modules were slowly sagging and coming loose from the rack that was mounted in a vertical orientation (after a couple years). The solution was to install the mounting screws on the modules. I remember back in Opto training being told they didn’t need the screws unless there was going to be vibration - we found this to be bad advice.

Also, to see If it is rack communication issues - you might want to check the ARCNET reconfigs in PAC Manager - if there is a high number in there, then that is your problem.

Philip I noticed I have 4 showing on one of my R1’s today by coincidence. Am assuming that is relatively low?

If you aren’t having any issues I wouldn’t worry about it. The two brains I have access to at the moment - they both have 0. Uptime is 11 days and 2 days on these. However, these don’t have any high density modules in them, but one has a serial module which uses the arcnet bus.

Edit: analog modules use arcnet - so the 11 day one has 3 modules and the 2 day one has 6. Look at Smart Modules Present - that is a bit mask of the modules that will use arcnet.

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Check the DC5V power input on the RACK, if too low, there will be a strange phenomenon.

Update: Most of the issue is power. We found that the Female 9W4 pins we are using on the Power Supply PCB were at least part of the problem. Instead of performing their intended function of elastic deformation to hold the male pins, some of them deformed in-elastically and no longer held the pin properly, resulting in power failure.

We went from 200+ a day to 5 to 10 per day. Still an issue and we will continue looking.

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