Computed Tag and string array

Hope someone has a suggestion or perhaps this is a bug?
I have developed a computed tag in groov view that will not give me a value, but rather gives me an error:
So I have stripped down the computed tag to the bare minimum where I get this error and determined that if one of the inputs to the computed tag is from a string array, then I get this error and the tag is useless:

So input1, EC_NAME_ARRAY[1] is an array tag from the data store. I also tried using an array from my snap-pac controller and it produced the same results. If I use a non-array string it works fine. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Bug, I’m seeing it too. You should also be seeing a line similar to this one in your logs:

3/22/2021 1:50:53 PM	ComputedTagsService	An exception was thrown while building a computed tag input.