Compatible IO Modules for EPIC

Hi Opto team,

Quick question for you guys, what non Opto Ethernet IO Modules work best with OPTO PLC’s?

I currently need to connect 8 level sensors on a remote location and the Groov Rio only has capacity for 4 and buying a whole rack for 8 IO’s does not seem like much of an option. Is there any type that is recommended for OPTO?


I have a couple of ideas. One would be what about using a level sensor that provides a voltage signal - we can do up to 8 voltage inputs on a RIO. Second idea is just add a second groov RIO?

Thanks Dan,

Sensors are already there, i am actually splitting the signal for it.

I have two Rio’s available, that might be the best option then.

Quick question, on the RIO’s. I saw that the Analog Inputs have as an example, first two channels for Loop Powered and the second two for Active Powered signals, is that just and example or in fact its connected that way?

It could be connected this way if done properly, but you should try to stick with one type, since the signals are not individually isolated from each other.