Compatibility GRV-CCANI-2

Hi Everyone,
I’m starting a project where there is a Caterpillar engine. This engine has an engine control unit which communicates via SAE J1939 CAN. I would read the engine data on the epic using the GRV- CCANI-2 module. So my questions are:

  • Is it possible communicate between the epic and the engine via CAN?
  • Do I need write a particular code?
  • Can I connect the engine CAN wires directly to the module?

Thank you so much for the support.


The GRV-CCANI-2 only works with Codesys and I don’t have a lot of experience with that.
Lets page @greichert and get his input… I know hes helped some other customers with that module.

@Beno is correct about the GRV-CCANI-2 only working with Codesys. We do have customers using it. Many of them are getting engine codes. I have a sample project that uses the module in Codesys to read J1939 data, that you can use to help get you started.


Can the module transmit? I have always wondered about the ‘safety’ of writing to ECUs…