Comparing versions

Good morning,

I was wondering if there is a feature in PAC Control 9.0 where you can compare two different versions of a project. For example lets say you are revising your project and its version 6 and couple days after you make another revison and call it version 7. Since each project has multiple charts, is there an easier or much faster way to check what the differences between version 6 and version 7 are rather than going about it like so : Chart -> view/print instructions and do this for every chart in the strategies to see what the differences between the two versions?

I feel that there might be one because it seems like a easy fix.

Good question. I wish there was a simple/easy way to do this, but at the moment there’s not.

However, I encourage you to check out a few resources that might be helpful:

  1. In this post on source control, I wrote about doing a diff on a cdf (compiled version of your strategy in one file), built with Full Debug on, where you can see which charts/blocks/lines changed–although it’s not as pretty/user friendly as you might like.

  2. In this Best Practices Technical note, we encourage you to use lots of comments, including notes on your Powerup chart that would indicate what’s been added when. That way you can see at a glance the differences between version 6 and 7 because there’s a “note to self” right there on the chart!

  3. Ben & I also did this video on writing maintainable code, where good comments were first on the list:


Hope that helps!

Thank you OptoMary !