Communication errors from I/O on same controller strategy is running on

Attached is a screenshot of the errors I am getting. The strategy is running on a groov epic PR1 defined as M11epic017. It is running firmware version 3.5.1-b.85. any idea why would these errors be happening on the controller talking to the I/O connected directly to the same chassis?

In the chart that is running that references the points that are shown, we grab values from a section of the Int32 & Float scratchpad (also on same controller), write the digital outputs to a different section of the Int32 scratchpad then turn digital outputs on/off based on the values we received.

In the strategy we have one chart running at all times that cycles through charts that only need to run periodically, which is currently three other charts. Two of the other three charts are monitoring the I/O units (reenabling if necessary) and the uploading the recipe file on a schedule. The last chart runs as described above.

On the IO unit configuration, did you check localhost or are you using an IP address?

Currently it is set as an ip address.

Change to the localhost checkbox and see if that stops the errors.

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I’ll be able to make that change tomorrow morning. I’ll respond with the results then.

That definitely seemed to be the issue, we’ve had no errors over the past few days of production. Thank you.


Thanks very very much for stopping back and giving us an update on this.

Its really helpful when people let us know the conclusion of the thread and it pays off for years to come as other search similar issues and they see the outcome… I wish more people would do it.