Communicating with SDM120ct-mv power analyzer through Modbus using the Snap SCM-485-422 module

Hello all! I am quite new to the world of Opto22 and Modbus, I have been learning it for 3 weeks now and so far, I understand most of the basics. Now I have a task that has been assigned to me and that is to gather the data on my sdm120ct-mv power analyzer and read that data on my PC through Pac control. I have been using the Opto22 Modbus Master kit to try and communicate with my energy meter but so far, I have been getting an error -216 in the n04AsFloatStatus. I just want to read the Data on my energy meter especially the voltage if possible. I would appreciate it if you could give me recommendations on what to do or some guides to help with communicating with my energy meter through my module.

Note: I am still a beginner on creating a program for the module and that is the reason I am using the Modbus master kit. I would appreciate it so much if anyone could help explain some as well of the codes in the Modbus master kit.

Hi Denzel, welcome to the forums!

For things like this, I always download the free (to use for a few minutes at a time) program modscan 32.
That will help you get the registers, byte order etc sorted out a LOT faster than PAC Control.
Once you have the data you want in that program, you can then move a lot of the registers and types etc into the strategy and just tweak from there.

Next after the modscan program,I might fire up Node-RED and attack my modbus device with that… Just depending on your experience with Node-RED.

Have you been able to use any other Modbus programs to read data from your energy meter?

EDIT: Whats the make and model number of the energy meter?
2nd Edit: Doh! You have the model in the forum post title… sorry… Googling now…
3ed Edit: Ok, looks pretty straight forward. https://data.stromzä
Are you using groov View? You might be able to get the data into groov pretty quick that way.
Do you need the data in a strategy or you just looking to get the data into a trend/GUI?

Thank you for the reply, yes actually I have used a program called Modbus Poll to read the data from my energy meter and it worked fine I read the voltages, frequency etc. My only issue is I can’t seem to get data from my energy meter using the communications module and whenever I try to use the Modbus integrator kit I get an error -216.

Edit: Yes, I just need to read the data in a strategy using the modbus kit

Please post your comm handle string.
Also your modbus settings table values and the call to the modbus subroutine.

If you have a screenshot of the working values used in modbus poll, that would help too.

IIRC, -216 is the timeout error from the modbus kit.

Also - how were you connecting to the meter when using modbus poll? Were you going through the SCM module?