Comment on Comments

Hi All,

As you’ve probably heard us talk about in this video on writing good code that Ben & I did a while back, comments are very important.

There are the green comments in your OptoScript code done using // or /* comment */, you can add comments into your blocks, and you can also add text directly to your chart.

But there’s another way of adding some notes to a chart that can be handy too – just use an empty block like this:

You can then use a connection line to draw an arrow to a block you’d like to point out, and you can also change the background color (which you can’t do with the standard text box tool).



Also, don’t forget about the trick of using an action block as a ‘comment’.
Just paste it down, use a different color for best effect and use the Z-order to send it to the back.

Here is an example;

Comments are oh-so important!
Don’t ever be tempted to think you don’t need them.