Collapse-able Group Header Gadgets

I know I’m probably dreaming here, but it would be really cool if in the phone view you could tap on the Group Header gadget and expand and collapse it. That way you wouldn’t have to keep scrolling to get to the data you wanted to see on your phone. You can sort of see what I’m talking about in the screenshot from my phone below. I suppose there might be a way to do it through page navigation but I don’t see how.


Nice idea… Will add it to the feature request list.
As for building it by the page navigation gadget, what I would do is make a page for each section battery, then on the main page put the link to each of those section pages.
On each section page, have a link at the top or bottom - or both (depends on the lay out of the page) back to the main page.
This way you can just quickly jump from section to section via the main page.
(Unless it makes sense that you want to look at every section every time, in which case, section 1 will have a link to main and section 2 and and so on).

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Thanks Ben. Those are good ideas. I’ll let my customer decide if they need to see everything at once or navigate to each page.