Codesys with IEC 61850

I was wondering if anyone has any experience using Codesys with the IEC 61850 Goose protocol? I’m required to program the ABB Relion protection relays and was looking for a way to test communication and control for them. I’ve seen plug in’s for IEC 61850 but haven’t found anyplace to actually buy it. It will only be used for testing since another system will be connected to them permanently, I’m just required to get them programed and working. I didn’t want to buy some expensive hardware to do it since I have a PR2 sitting here that I use for testing. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Per Codesys, unfortunately the IEC 61850 Server was discontinued as of 01.12.2018 and is no longer available online. V4.0.4.0 is the last version. It is no longer available.

Inductive Automation is planning support for IEC61850 in the near future: