CODESYS unexpected representation of MM1001 module

In the CODESYS IDE, I pulled in device data from a new Groov with MM1001, IMA, IRTD, and OMRIS modules. The IMA, IRTD, and OMRIS modules populated with variables as expected.

Under the I/O Mapping tab, the MM1001 module doesn’t have a variable table at all - just “Bus Cycle Options”. I can’t figure out any way to access it in the POU.

How can I access these variables?

For the MM1001 you need to right click and plug devices to configure each channel, much the same as you would a module:

Then you can define each channel:


Great, thanks! Am I missing documentation somewhere that covers this? I looked quite a bit but didn’t find any.

When it comes to CoDeSys, documentation is always limited or unavailable. It’s a little better if you speak German, but still, it’s vague.
Forums are always going to be your first line of defense.