Codesys Tags into Groov View


What is the correct way to import tags from Codesys? So far I have added a localhost:4840 into the configure Devices and Tags section. I see the Codesys account I set up in the tags section but I don’t see any of the tags I created. Is there something I need to do to make the OPC UA server active in Codesys? or do you have a howto guide to set up Groov View with Codesys?

Thank you,

You need to make sure you have added the symbol configuration device(1) under your application, then you need to build it(2) within the configuration. Then you can select any number of tags(3) to be public.

Thank you for the fast responce. That is what I was missing!

I was looking also to get my CodeSys tags into groovView through the OPC-UA Server. I followed the 1-2-3 that greichert shows above which also worked great for me.
I ran into the “Missing Libraries” error in CodeSys, so I decided to do a step-by-step document that shows this procedure in detail.
If you have some additional steps or helpful information please let me know and I can update the doc.

Hi guys, thanks for this procedure. I recently used this to connect the OPC Server in Codesys to the OPC Server in Ignition Edge, so that I could use MQTT Transmission to publish my Codesys tags to an MQTT broker. It was pretty straightforward, but there was one catch. When adding the Codesys OPC UA Server to the Ignition Gateway, I needed to put “localhost” in the Host Override under the Advanced properties. Works great!