Codesys finally

I see that Opto22 is finally making the long rumored leap to Codesys. What is that going to mean in terms of PAC control going forward? Is there going to be a version 11 (codesys) shortly? A different version of EPIC and the programming software (a branching)?

EPIC is Edge Programmable Industrial Controller.
This means there will be (and indeed there already are) options on how you can program your process.
For example, today you can use PAC Control and/or C++ or Python or MMP or REST (Or other Shell methods).
But in short, PAC Control is not going anywhere. It is and always will be, an option.
Yes, there will be a new version of Firmware ‘coming soon’ that will support ICE 61131 and it will be a case of either or. You either chose to run 61131 or Pac Control. You can’t have two run time engines at once.
More details to come.