Codesys Activation

I trying to activate Codesys on the PR1 processor I have enabled it and is running. But it reboots after 2 hrs. I did order the license and I entered my S/N and is active on the web site. I’m following the instructions in form 2267. But it says I need a license ID and I never got one via email If it showed it on opto web site then I missed it. How can I fix this.?


On the Opto22 website login to your manage groov account. Click on the Manage link next to your unit on the “My groov List”. On that page (groov Pofile) there is a button to download the license file.

OK I have it. So…

  1. Go to Tools
  2. License Manager
  3. Device
  4. Soft container
  5. Choose my opto from Gateway List
  6. License window shows up I have 2 licenses from codesys for modbus.
  7. Install License or Activate ?

The Activate License is how codesys does with their license.
The Install license says it’s used with a dongle.

I’ve never install a license except those from codesys and they email you a License ID It looks like #####-#####-#####-#####-#####

I’m new to OPTO products.

I don’t use Codesys at this point, but typically download the license then go to groov manage on your Epic then go to System, License, Upload License and browse for the license file you downloaded from the website.

That didn’t work. I called support it seems I’m missing an email. They will resend it.
Thanks anyway.
I looked at Pac Control and like it. But most of the people I work with require ladder, they say anything else is too hard to trouble shot or change.

There are some lessons on OptoU that can help you with obtaining the CODESYS Ticket ID, and then entering your CODESYS Ticket ID on groov EPIC.

  1. Log into OptoU with your MyOpto credentials (or create an account, it’s free).
  2. Lesson: Obtaining your CODESYS Ticket ID
  3. Lesson: Entering the CODESYS Ticket ID into License Manager

Hope this helps.

Codesys is not on my Profile page.