Cirrus Ignition Driver Docs need help

The Cirrus docs need a good review from someone at Opto - they give bad info:

At the bottom of this page:

Start PAC Control Debug mode (Mode > Debug) and clear the controller’s RAM (Control Engine > Clear RAM). WARNING: Clearing the controller’s RAM will remove all persistent values in the controller’s memory. If the strategy has other persistent variables, you may want to archive it (File > Archive Strategy) before continuing.

Emphasis mine. I don’t think archiving the strategy will backup persistent variables (would be a cool feature though :wink: )

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Looks like someone got the PAC Control wishlist mixed up with the PAC Control customer complaint list.

But seriously, it would not take too much for PAC Control to make a backup/restore function of current persistent variable values, perhaps in debug mode. It kind of already exists, as OptoTagPreserve, a utility that should actually be included as standard when installing PAC Project or even better still integrated directly into PAC Control as a menu option. With the use of softcontrollers as in groov EPIC, it’s perhaps even more important than ever. Perhaps we should ask for it for christmas!

Meanwhile, you can download it from here OptoTagPreserve

OptoTagPreserve copies variables from your PAC Control strategy running on a SNAP PAC controller and saves them in a password-protected binary file or a plain-text XML, OptoScript, or init.txt file. I haven’t tried it with EPIC yet, but see no obvious reason why it should not work.

The primary reason you would use this utility is to make it easier to preserve variable states when you need to update firmware on the controller. Updating firmware erases battery-backed data including persistent variables and variables initialized on strategy download. Use OptoTagPreserve before loading new firmware to archive tag values to the computer, and then restore them after firmware is loaded and the strategy has been downloaded.

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