Checking the HEALTH (STATUS) of a EPIC I/O Module

Any EPIC I/O Module has a LED to indicate the HEALTH (STATUS) of the module.
We need to show these status in groov View, PAC Display, and log to a data base.
We believe it is very important for a complete control system.
But we do not find any document to mention about it.
So, how to get the code of the HEALTH (STATUS) in PAC Control?

We find the command of PAC Control. It is “I/O Quality Commands”.

I thought the status indicator was simply whether the point is turned on/off. Not really a “health” indicator. Am I off base on that? What do you mean by “health”? I don’t think it will indicate a dead/burned-out/damaged point.

Sorry, I just re-read your question. Perhaps this is what you are looking for?