Chat Window in PAC Display?

Has anybody implemented a chat window in PAC Display?

More details of what I’m trying to do.
We have machines located around the world. I can remote into those machines and chat with the operators or techs. Never about the weather or how great the machine is running, always when there’s a problem. Currently this is done by clicking a button that will open Notepad through PAC Display. Works good, but Notepad looses it’s precedence when one of us clicks on PAC Display. Our PAC Display screens are setup up to use the entire screen and the task bar is always minimized. So, Notepad becomes hidden behind PAC Display. To bring Notepad back, one of us has to click the Windows button and select Notepad from the task bar. Works OK, but is a little inconvenient.

What would be nice.
I’d like to have a fixed window that would open with Notepad and doesn’t close or become hidden unless a close button is pressed.