Charts stopped, Xval and Ival not update

Hi good day.
I have a problem with my strategy, the values registered in the variable in xval are not sent to IVAL, and groov does not visualize. The Charts stop. can you help me? Thank you.

If I recall correctly values will not go from Xval to Ival unless the controller is running a process that reads them. When the controller strategy reads the value it moves from Xval to Ival. Did you stop the controller for a reason or is it not running part of the problem?


The controller is not running part of the problem, since the charts are stopped.

I mention, our strategy is to read values ​​from 41 brains, positioned geographically distant and connected via a 3G cellular router to our controller located in the CORE, which are also the GROOV and DB server. I know that the 3G connection is not stable or fast in Chile, we have the routine in which each brain, we have routines that reread or skip the brains that are not connected at the moment, but we have observed that the controller is not capable of cope with the workload when reading for each brain all the tags subject to its strategy and programmed automation.}

When the charts are stopped, the values ​​of the tags are not updated, therefore we do not visualize in the groov what is happening.

Yes, when the charts are stopped the ival will not update. Perhaps if you moved the IO point to a variable and then connected the variable to the groov it would work better. You would have a chart running that would move the point to a variable, and this would cause the IVAL to update. There is not a lot of speed needed to read IO points from a brain. Where some people have problems is by having too many devices scanning a brain at one moment. Or if they have a chart that loops back to the top without a time delay in it to slow it down a little… even a few ms, I hope this makes sense to you, below is page 154 from the PAC manual #1700: