Charts do not Outrun after a power outage

In various occasions, during a power outage, the Epic Groov has the strategies in memory, but they don’t autorun. I’ve already had set the program to autorun, but it doesn’t work. Even on the controller options, I have set it up as Auto Run and still doesn’t run.

What can I do differently?

What version firmware are you running? I seem to recall an issue with the autorun flag, but cant find it just now in the KB list… But still… would like to know what version firmware the controller is using.

Firmware Version

Loader Version

Ahhhh, yeah…that’s a little out of date. (Like years and years out of date).

Please log into and download your new PR1 firmware (We are up to 3.3 with a ‘few’ bug fixes and new features vs the 1.0 it was released with).

Please download and review the update tech note before you start and since you are at version 1, be sure and read the right version of the notes/process. (One of the many updates we have made since your current version is a smoother faster backup / restore process).

I am 98.75% sure your problem will be solved after you update.

Thanks! Will try it and keep you posted.