Charts are not available on PAC Control

In various occasions, when opening a strategy, the charts are not available to view even though you can find them on the strategy’s folder. The only way that i have been able to recover is by getting an archived version of it.

This has happened various times, and in some occasions, i don’t have a backup and have started from scratch.

How can i avoid this.

Hi Hector. Welcome to the Opto 22 Forums!

Can you give a little more detail to this…

Open PAC Control (Pro or Basic?) and open the strategy and the strategy tree is fully populated on the left, but there are no charts?
So this is before you go into debug?

HI Beno, thanks!

I am using Pac Basic, and when i open up the Strategy, in some occasions the charts are not available. The IO’s and previous variables created are available, but not the charts.

If i try to go into Debug Mode, it will say that it was changed. Like it doesn’t recognize the strategy.

Given your EPIC firmware version, I need to ask, please take a screen shot of the Help → About of PAC Control. I am wondering what version you are using.

Image 6-14-22 at 5.35 AM

I figured that to prevent this, I needed to export each version of the charts and that way i can have them available for Import. Other then that, i would lose all the charts.