Chart not updating in Debug

I have a chart with multiple decision blocks that use a I/O table and an integer table with and logic to produce an output. When I change a Table index for either or both instructions in config mode and save the strategy, then go to debug it uses a previous value for the instruction(s). I have deleted the instruction block, saved the strategy, replaced the block and had the debug (running) version show the previous values (when I step in to the blocks). I also added a couple of instruction in cfig mode and saved, stepped in, in debug and the changes weren’t there. It appears to download OK when I go to debug and I see no warnings in the log. Any ideas on whats going on?

Hi Richard. Welcome to the Opto22 forums.

There are only a few known and lots of unknown variables here. I think for a first start you should get in touch with our support group. They are much better setup to help with this sort of question.

Thanks, I will do that!