Changing the Scale on a Graph

I wanted to know how to change the scale on a graph from within a Groov application. In this case it would be water flowing over time. So lets say my Trend gadget is showing me gallons/hour. I might want to see gallons per day or gallons per week. Ideally you would click a button and you would see a new graph with a different scale.

Any thoughts on how you might go about doing this in Groov? Could you have three separate Trend gadgets, one on top of the other an have a button which brought one to the top? Or is there a way to change the properties of the Trend gadget on the fly?

New to Groov so I don’t know if that kind of graphical manipulation is possible.



Make three pages.
Put your trend on each page.
(Hint, make one page with a nice title, background etc and copy it).
Then put a navigation gadget button on each page.
On the text for the button, put the g/h, g/w, g/d etc.
When you click on the button, it will open the page.

Because the scale is so different, you really need to make three trends.
You could just stack them on a page, hours at the top, days in the middle, week on the bottom.
Depending on the screen size, you could see all three, or scroll for the last one. On mobile you would need to scroll down for each I’m guessing.

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I like the page duplication. Feels like your just changing the trend because everything else stays the same.

Question about the markers. If I set the horizontal axis to hours, I still get a marker every 10 minutes. Similarly, If I set the second trend to days, my markers are every 4 hours. Seems like it defeats the purpose of having a trend in hours or days. Any way to change that?