Changing the PAC Display project without the Control Engine

I have a client that needs to have a Send Value modified. The only change that needs to be made is the Min Value the operator can enter. Basically changing it from -.5 to -1.5.
All I wanted to do was quickly open the project, change it and save it and get him the updated “Display Folder”. Easy right? Nope. I can’t save it without having the location of the PAC Control file and the Control Engine on the computer I am trying to make the change on.

  1. Will Send Value commands ever have tags for the min and max values? Would be nice.
  2. Can the Display project somehow just save the info from the last time it synced with a Control file and control engine without this hassle?
  3. Any other way around this?

Any input would be appreciated.

So, I just set up the control engine on the PC I was making this small change on. Then I was able to save the PAC Display Project. I zip up the folder and email it to the client. So I have the client copy their old Display folder to the desktop (…just in case), then delete the folder and copy the new updated (extracted first) Display Folder to the correct path. Done. … Point Display Runtime to the “new” file. Everything comes up just fine. Until …yep, until they go to save or load a recipe. Comes up with an error saying it can’t find the .idb file, which was located on my USB drive of the PC I made the small change on. Client can’t load or save a recipe… REALLY? Why does it even care where the .idb file is? … All I needed to do was change a MIN Value that an operator can enter for a Send Value Command…

So it seems the only way recipes will work is if I add a user account to my PC that is the same as the client’s All in One. Build the path structure exactly the same as the client’s PC and then point PAC Display to that location on my PC of where the .idb file is located (which is the exact path of the clients PC which is UserName\Documents\ProjectName). Then recipes will work. Confused?.. Yep, me too. This seems crazy, right? Does anyone have this issue? Work around?
I think the reason it always worked for us in the past is because when we start a new project, we buy an All in One and set them all up the same. Same username, which is our company name. At the moment we do not have a new project going on so we don’t have an all in one set up with the company user name. Hence the reason I am trying to edit the Display program on my personal PC which does not have the file path …CompanyName\Documents\ProjectName…