Change Text on Button State

Is there a way to change the text of a button gadget depending on whether it’s on or off?



Yes, you can get pretty fancy, especially with our Image Indicator gadget. Check out: (login: trial/opto22).

Also, if you want to take apart a sample (e.g. run it on your own groov Server trial on a local PC), you can download and play with this:

Have fun!


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For anyone following this, but in a rush…

Have two images, one with the word ‘On’, the other with the word ‘Off’.
As the bit changes state, you make one or the other image visible.

I like the simple approach. ;-}


So I created the image but how do I change whether it’s visible or not? PAC display had that feature but Groov only lets me change the opacity.

This video should help.

You can access all our workshop videos from

Thanks Ben. That was helpful. I found what I needed was an Image Indicator, which worked great.


Very beautiful and practical HMI.
I hope that when a certain value is true, a button is visible, and this button is used to control another variable. No, this button is not visible and cannot be used. Can this function be realized?

Yes it can work like that.
Check out the video and the image gadget.
Think about putting a transparent control gadget over the top.

There seems to be some problem, when a transparent control is placed above a button, the button is visible, but it can’t be used. Is it wrong with me?

Your Z-Order is wrong. Make sure the control is the top layer.

Still don’t understand how to do it?:grinning:

Please re-watch the video above. The control you are trying to make is explained at the 6:50 mark.