Change Text Color in a Text Area Gadget

I have a Text Area associated with a tag which is an element of a string table. In Groov view it displays the value of that table element as expected but I can’t change the color of the text. The gadget has a section called Colors and a palette I can click on to change the text color but it always defaults to one color, the color of all my data fields. I tried breaking the chain but it makes no difference. Is there some global setting that is overriding my choice?

Here is the text:

Here is the setting in my Text Area gadget:

EDIT: It appears that if you make the text dynamic i.e. put # in the text field, you’re stuck with the dynamic text color. In my case that’s blue. Can someone confirm that?



Can confirm.

The only gadget that you can change the color of the live text is the Value Gadget.

That’s a real shortcoming for those of us who want to create a form using live data but want it to look like a text field. I guess I need to find a third-party app for my forms.

We have tried very hard to adhere to the guidelines of high performance HMI

Its worth a read and deeply considering.

I understand and you guys do a great job. I’m just trying to create an input form where the text changes based on updated values but the user doesn’t see that. Here is the 1000 word picture:

All those values with the exception of the one in “Hours” come from tables. If I could change the value of the text then I could have one page for input and have it change based on some input like a toggle or a button or whatever. As it is now I would have to have a different Groov page for each input form. I can do what I described above but it would all be in blue. Not sure how my wanting it to look like normal text violates any sort of HMI standard.

Oh! You’re arguably using the wrong gadget type. You want a Value gadget here, not a Text Area. The Value gadget will let you change the value color.

Perfect! The alignment will be right when they’re all Value gadgets.


No problem!

The Text Area gadget’s meant for big blobs of text that you want to drop on the page, which is why we don’t expose a way to change styling on the value. You want it to stand out in that case.

Hi all,

I know this post is fairly old but I feel this would be an awesome feature which would provide a fair amount of flexibility to groov View. All other gadgets which are capable of displaying tags have now been updated to include the “Tag Style” section. I feel it would be appropriate if this gadget also followed suit


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Please do keep the requests coming! I have email notifications turned on for this topic, so I see everything that gets posted, and I use these feature request posts to prioritize and lobby for stuff in each release cycle. So the more the merrier!

How is the dev coming along with drop down menus? :grinning:

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